2011-12-23 22:05:39 by TTay21

I am creating a game for the first time ever!!!! (on a download)
Its a pixel rpg. But its still gonna be GREAT!!!

RPG Games

2011-12-01 23:48:33 by TTay21

These games are really great, but try to get some newer content made by yourselves. I'm talking to Newgrounds. We need some new RPG. But, this RPG is just fine. Great work with the gaming an \d website!
Thats how I feel.


2011-10-17 16:47:45 by TTay21

Most of the time, the funny looking, stupid, or even ugly looking games are the best games of all. Haven't you noticed? I bet the ugliest game on this website is the best! :-p

These Puzzle Games

2011-10-17 16:21:08 by TTay21

These games may look stupid and boring, but once you play them, you change your mind. Try the stupid-looking puzzle games. :-)

These Sim Date Games

2011-10-15 02:04:32 by TTay21

These sim dating games is fun and they have multiple endings! i <3 these games!!!!!